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June Changemaker — Wellington (Duke) Reiter, FAIA

June Changemaker — Wellington (Duke) Reiter, FAIA

Wellington (Duke) Reiter, FAIA, Senior Advisor to the President, ASU; Executive Director, University City Exchange, ASU // 

Phoenix is hosting the 2017 National Meeting. What can attendees look forward to?
First of all, thanks for inviting me to offer a few thoughts.  We are delighted to be hosting the CEOs for Cities National Meeting and we believe you are coming at a pivotal moment.

Phoenix is a place still very much in a state of becoming, and a living laboratory for experimentation, reinvention, and continuous change.  While we will certainly showcase many site-specific projects, we hope also to present a program dedicated to the macro forces that are shaping not only our home but the country as a whole.  There is probably no better location for such a dialogue and this is why we intend to frame the event around the idea that “Everything Will Be Different.”

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