3 Reasons Why People Don’t Ride Bikes

3 Reasons Why People Don’t Ride Bikes

by Traci Pollard, Brooklyness //

Commuting by bike, it seems, would be a no-brainer. It’s great for health and physical fitness, it’s fairly inexpensive and it’s good for the environment. So why don’t we see more of it in our urban centers? Especially in NYC.

We are Brooklyness, a boutique bike brand based out of Brooklyn. We design, and market products for urban mobility. Our products are practical solutions that are crafted to provide comfort and style for the urban commuter, focusing not just on bicycles, but the riding experience as a whole. We’ve done extensive research on some of the obstacles that have kept commuters from adopting a bike as a solution. “Millions of Americans commute less than 10 miles each day, but getting from home to work is usually inefficient”, states our CEO, Manuel Saez. Here are some of, what we believe, are reasons that people are reluctant to adopt commuting by bike.


Arriving to work sweaty and disheveled is not a great way to start your day. One thing that deters people from biking is the fact that, yes, it can be a workout and yes, you may need to freshen up afterward. If your workplace requires more than business casual, it can be especially difficult to stuff your attire into a bag without it becoming wrinkled. Also, distance may be a factor as to why you won’t bike to work. Is your workplace just too far to get to? Does it make more sense driving or taking public transportation?


Biking on city streets can be an extremely scary experience for newbies. Streets that don’t have dedicated bike lanes can be pretty intimidating to tackle, especially during rush hour. During the colder months when it gets darker earlier, would you be reluctant to ride? Many people are afraid that drivers won’t be able to see them at night, even with reflectors.


What is the point of buying a bike only to lock it up and come back to find it gone. While we are happy that more people are riding, with more riders comes an increase in bike theft. In the last 4 years in New York City, the instances of bicycle theft have risen almost 70%. Add to that, only about 2% of stolen bicycles are recovered.

At Brooklyness, we focus on, not only the bike, but the overall riding experience. Our aim is to confront these issues head on. How can we make riding as a primary means of transportation more comfortable and accessible for everyone? What can be done to make your experience safer? What’s the best way to keep your bicycle secure? What we’ve learned, is that riding a bike, and especially commuting by bike is a lifestyle. We want to make the transition easier for those just starting out. With our latest product, the CMYK 4.0 we aim to solve some of the issues outlined above. Check it out at http://igg.me/at/cmyk.

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