About CEOs for Cities


We are the new CEOs.  Leadership isn’t born of elections or corner offices. Rather than be self-limited by our name, our inclusive definition of “CEO” honors urban leadership where it happens, regardless of rank, title, or sector. The new CEOs are city changemakers – leaders, planners, mayors, council members, college presidents, bloggers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, business executives, social advocates, coders, artists, and architects from cities around the country.

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We connect cross-sector changemakers with each other + with the smartest ideas + practices for city + regional economic growth + opportunity.


Curate smart ideas & benchmark city success through our City Vitals™.
Connect cross-sector leaders through our network of City Clusters.
Catalyze collaborative change through our City Dividends™.


Cities and metro regions have become the economic engines of the nation. The future belongs to those cities that connect and collaborate with the smartest people and smartest ideas in the most places and the most ways. A smart city knows it has a lot to learn and that none of us is as smart as all of us.

We believe that the key to city economic success is to connect your distinctive assets of people, place, and opportunity.

The word ‘CITY’ spells out the genetic code of urban success:

  • Connections
  • Innovation
  • Talent
  • Your Distinctive Assets

The drivers that connect these four dimensions are:

  • Economic Inclusion
  • Measurable progress
  • Collective impact
  • Cross-sector City network

These drivers must be embedded in every strategy.

You can’t tell where you’re going until you know where you are. Using 30 different indicators, we benchmark city performance in the 130 largest metro regions in the United States. We call these your City Vitals.

Small changes can produce big economic outcomes. Our City Dividend framework outlines the return on investment (economic dividend) for achieving a measurable, actionable goal toward your city’s economic success.

No one builds a city alone. That’s why we offer bonus benefits to members who form City Clusters – teams of 6 or more members in one city. We believe that collaboration of cross-sector, cross-generation leaders within the same city is a key to success. Participating in our national workshops and conferences  as a group significantly enhances the chances you’ll do something with what you learn and customize it to your city.

CEOs for Cities helps build and activate cross-sector teams to make real progress happen. Consider yourself a major player in a national league of leaders – ready to make progress when and where it counts. You don’t get a uniform. But you do get our tools to get in the game. Our workshops, conferences, research, webinars and regular doses of recommended readings keep members sharp on solutions and best practices.

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