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Change at the Speed of Trust

Change at the Speed of Trust

By: Lee Fisher, Senior Advisor, CEOs for Cities   |   @fisher4cities


When teammates trust each other and anticipate each other’s every pass and dribble, they win an NBA championship, reverse a 52-year professional sports losing streak, and help a city believe in itself again. When the public, private, and nonprofit sectors trust each other and leverage their resources, they can transform a tired downtown block into a vibrant public square in the heart of the city.

When legislators in Washington DC can’t agree on whether to prohibit those on the no-fly list created by the U.S. Terrorist Screening Center to buy a gun, we lose trust in our elected officials who too often put allegiance to narrow special interests over common sense. When too many citizens and police instinctively distrust each other, the police shootings of Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray tear communities apart.

As we struggle to understand the recent police shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in St. Paul, and the murders of Dallas law enforcement officer Brent Thompson and four of his fellow fallen officers, we face a perfect storm of anguish and anger. “We’re hurting,” David Brown, the Dallas police chief, said. Philando Castle’s fiancé, Diamond Reynolds said “this is bigger than all of us.”

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