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When you join CEOs for Cities, you’re joining the all-star team for disrupters, decision-makers and doers in your city. Consider yourself a major player in a national league of leaders ready to make progress when and where it counts.

You don’t get a uniform. But you do get these tools to get your team in the game.

All memberships feature a year of access and participation in a national network of cross-sector, cross-generation urban leaders dedicated to making our cities more connected, innovative, talented, and distinctive. All members receive unlimited access to our unique city success resource library; our city communications, webinars, data, and research publications, and free registration to our renowned Annual Fall National Meeting.

Young + Restless: $95

Don’t move an inch! We’ve found that when young people invest themselves in their cities and are engaged until age 35, they’re 90% more likely to stay. Here’s some incentive to join the team for the long haul.

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Existing Cluster: $500

Working to improve your city is easier when you do it with friends. This membership enables individuals to join an existing City Cluster at a reduced rate. With this membership, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of City Cluster members.

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Individual: $600

Whether you’re joining for professional association or to bolster your love for city success, individual memberships make you part of a national league of leaders ready to make progress when and where it counts.

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Organization / Business: $1,000

Each business or organization receives a single membership, which can be transferred between individual employees. A single representative attends our events, but the whole company certainly benefits.

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