2017 Fall National Meeting
Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 2017 | Phoenix, AZ

What we do.

We build + activate cross-sector teams.

CEOs for Cities is a national city-learning network. We curate smart ideas + benchmark city success through our City Vitals. We connect cross-sector leaders through our network of City Clusters. We catalyze collaborative change through our City Dividends. We accelerate progress through our Prize Challenges.


Leaders use CEOs for Cities’ research to benchmark city performance and our frameworks to realize gains from incremental change. Big data isn’t a buzzword. It’s vital to city success.
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CEOs for Cities has grown the only national, cross-sector network that connects city leaders + changemakers, and shares research, smart ideas + best practices for economic success.
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National meetings, workshops and competitions help members ditch the status quo. Our events offer platforms for idea exchange, solution scaling, networking, debate and education.
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Why join?

You are the new CEO.

City changemakers are the new CEOs. Leadership isn’t born of elections or corner offices. We’re cross-sector leaders — regardless of title — who love our cities and don’t wait for others to lead. That’s what we call a CEO. We’re planners, council members, college presidents, bloggers, entrepreneurs, business executives, social advocates, coders, mayors and architects from cities around the country. What kind of CEO are you?

You’re not the type to wait around for someone else to address your community’s issues. But you can’t do it on your own. CEOs for Cities builds cross-sector teams (we call them City Clusters) to make real progress happen. Consider it an all-star team. You don’t get a uniform. But you do get these tools to get in the game.


City Vitals Research

CEOs for Cities measures six key indicators and benchmarks city performance for the top U.S. metro regions. Where does yours rank?

National Meetings

Imagine it: hundreds of cross-sector leaders gathering to exchange the smartest ideas for making progress happen. We do it twice a year.

City Dividends Framework

Can small changes produce big economic dividends? Our framework outlines how cities can realize huge gains via incremental change.

National Network

Our most powerful asset is our community. This network features thought leaders, experts, dreamers and doers you should know.

Power of the Prize

Competition fosters innovation, and our competitions yield real results. Participants implement actual strategies and share the how-to.

Continuing Education

Hands-on workshops, webinars and regular doses of recommended readings keep members sharp on solutions and best practices.
Our Work


All members receive one year of unlimited access to our national network, unique city success resource library, city communications, webinars, data and research publications. Plus: FREE registration to our renowned National Meeting.

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Vacant Spaces to Happening Places

Vacant Spaces to Happening Places

Top Main Image: The Newton in Phoenix (Changing Hands Bookstore, First Draft Book Bar, Southern Rail, Southwest Gardener), Developed by Venue Projects. Image courtesy of The Newton by Kimber Lanning, Executive Director, Local First Arizona //  Vacant Spaces to Happening Places | The Case for Preservation and Reuse In the current race to create high quality jobs,…

July Changemaker — Valerie Patton

July Changemaker — Valerie Patton

Valerie Patton – Senior Vice President-Inclusion and Talent Attraction and Executive Director, St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative // How can other cities develop a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce? The question today is really more about inclusion and equity. We really have to be intentional about who we are hiring, who we are in…

On the Edge: Our City’s Middle Neighborhoods

On the Edge: Our City’s Middle Neighborhoods

by Paul C. Brophy, Brophy & Reilly LLC // Researchers at the Reinvestment Fund in Philadelphia report that 48 percent of central city residents in the United States live in “middle neighborhoods.” These neighborhoods are generally affordable and attractive and they offer a reasonable quality of life, but many are in danger of decline. ­­­­­A shrinking…

June Changemaker — Wellington (Duke) Reiter, FAIA

June Changemaker — Wellington (Duke) Reiter, FAIA

Wellington (Duke) Reiter, FAIA, Senior Advisor to the President, ASU; Executive Director, University City Exchange, ASU //  Phoenix is hosting the 2017 National Meeting. What can attendees look forward to? First of all, thanks for inviting me to offer a few thoughts.  We are delighted to be hosting the CEOs for Cities National Meeting and we believe…

May Changemaker — Wim Wiewel

May Changemaker — Wim Wiewel

Wim Wiewel, President, Portland State //  What inspires you? I’m a city boy.   I’ve always focused on how to make cities economically strong, culturally vibrant, and socially just.  Urban universities are in a great position to contribute to these goals, and I’ve been fortunate to work on this for the past 38 years. How do…

The Million Dollar Question: How Can We Turn Everyday Spaces Into PLAYces?

The Million Dollar Question: How Can We Turn Everyday Spaces Into PLAYces?

by Priya Madrecki, Senior Manager, Strategic Communications, KaBOOM! // Oftentimes the most poignant childhood memories are the simplest ones: playing in the backyard with a sibling, learning baseball with a parent, or going to the playground after school. And, frequently, those memories involve play. Play is a critical component to healthy development, and to simply being a kid. It sets…

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